Omegle is a great online chatting site and has worked as platform for many people to get new friends. It can work as same for you too. Getting new friends through Omegle is not any tough task, but getting female friends on Omegle is damn tough task. You need to be smart enough to find girls on Omegle. Below are three useful tricks that you can use to find Omegle girls.

1. This method is not any rocket science method, but is something that most of you must be doing already. Yeah, asking gender to strangers at the start of chat, is what I am talking about. Well, if you are interested in chatting with girls only, then why do waste time in chatting to stranger with the hope for it to girl? Why to live in hope? Just clear the confusion out. Ask the stranger about his/her gender at the very start of chat. If that’s a girl, then your luck, keep chatting, otherwise, try again.

2. The second method is to make Omegle send girls to you. The trick here is to set the interests with some smartness. As you know, most common interests of girls are chocolate, flowers, etc. So if you add these as your interest, Omegle will start sending you strangers with same interest. Chances of these strangers to be girls are very very high. Of course, luck matters here, again.

3. Typing your interest list seems a tough job to you? Then just link your FB profile and allow it to fetch your interest based on your likes. By doing this, you can bypass hurdle of typing interests. But, make sure that you have liked pages related to flowers, chocolates and other interests that most girls have.

These are simple three tricks that work like a charm. Omegle is tough platform to find girls, but you can surely make it simple by implementing the above mentioned tips.

Omegle College Chat with edu Email

Omegle has been continuously improving its features since 2010. It has added lots of new features like spy mode, omegle interest matching etc.

Recently they have announced another amazing feature called College chat. It was on experimental stage with name dorm chat. so how exactly omegle college chat works?

It is basically created for college or university students when you will enter the dorm chat, it will ask you to enter college/university edu email address. College email address should be ending .edu or .edu.XX or .ac.XX to verify you're in college or university.

After entering edu email, it will connect you with same or other college girls and guys. They will kept your email address secret and other users will not able to see your email address.

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Ok well, I have told you all about omegle college chat in this article. Hope You will use college chat easily. Start online chatting with college girls and guys right now. Leave your experience via comment. 
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Omegle Spy mode chat: ask a question for discussion

If you love online chatting, then you have heard name of omegle for sure. The website supposed to be king of all video chat services. The website is best place to find huge online strangers from all around the world. 

"Video Chat" and "text chat" are main parts of omegle. But beyond these functions , there are many other features in this website. Recently we have posted about omegle interest which matches stranger having same interest with each other. Today we are going to discuss about popular feature called "omegle spy mode".

What is spy mode in omegle?

By using spy mode, you can ask random question and watch other two strangers discussing about it. In short, you are giving a topic to random strangers to debate each other. You can ask any type of questions in question mode. Otherwise, you can join discussing questions.

omegle spy mode chat

How to use this Feature?

Find "Spy (Question) Mode" at the home page of the website and click on it (Hint: Below blue TEXT button). Now your question and click "ask strangers". Now you can watch two strangers discussing about your question. Instead, you can also try discussing questions.
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How to Next People on Omegle

Omegle is one of the largest chat communities on web. Thousands of strangers from different corner of the world remain active in this website.

Omegle has nice layout and environment. All functions are easy to understand. You can access all features for free. But sometime new user gets confused here. In this article, i am going to explain how to next on omegle.

how to next on omegle

How to next on Omegle

First From the left bottom of the chat room click "stop" button, "really" button will appear. Click that "really" button. Now click the "New chat" button to get connected with next stranger.

Shortcut to next or skip people on omegle

Simply press the "ESC" button two times from your computer and start new chat.

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Omegle India - Find Random Stangers from India

Omegle India is yet another text as well as video chatting platform which let you find random strangers from India and have a one-on-chat with them. It is also know as Chatting process is completely random, but we advice you to never disclose any personal details.

Working Principle: When someone enters for Text or video chat, omegle India randomly picks one stranger from all online users and display in front that person. You can disconnect current chat any time and start new conversation with new person. So every things are quite clear and simple.

Ok well, we are going to explain its different parts:

Got to the chat: This option will redirect you for random text chat with Strangers.

Go to Video Chat: It will redirect you for video chatting with strangers.

omegle india chat

Let's Cam: Let's Cam enable you to find others who want to chat on webcam from all over the world.

Omegle Connect: It is useful service by omegle India where you can make new friends and connect with each others.

Beyond above mentioned features, it has many different features than main omegle website. At the end i can say that omegle India is a nice place to meet and make new friends from India.

Check it out
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Omegle interests - Talk to Strangers having similar Interest

As we know, omegle is a random video chat service which connects all strangers together from all around the globe. But, omegle also has another cool feature which connects the strangers with common interest together. Today we are going to talk about "add interests" feature in omegle. Also, we have posted a some tricks to find girls on omegle.

Basically, omegle interest feature works on interest matching algorithm. It matches the strangers interest. Starngers having same interest will be connected with each other.

How to Use omegle Interest?

Actually there are two options, simply add your all interests or add Facebook interest. To fetch the interest from Facebook, you have to connect your account with omegle.

omegle interests

Just tick the above options and cleck the text or video chat button. Now you will be connected with people having common interest. You can opted out to random strangers from common interest anytime. So, Use this feature and let us know its working for you or not. 
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Omegle Girls - Tricks to Find Females on Omegle

Frankly speaking, Most of the guys visit omegle to find girls for video chatting. Finding Girls on omegle is little difficult because maximum users are male and a few are Female. If you luckily find girls, its more harder to get their attention. They quickly leave to next strangers. So in this article, i am going to share some tips which helps you to finding girls on omegle.

1. Omegle Text Chat:

Omegle text chat is the fastest way to find Females on omegle. Open omegle text chat and say hi to strangers. Directly ask ASL or Gender, If stranger is female, then carry on your conversion. Otherwise, move to next strangers and apply same procedure. I am sure, you will find omegle females quickly.

2.  Add my Facebook likes as interests:

Omegle has another cool feature which matches the interest of random strangers. Another omegle trick is based on this interest. Actually, omegle use Facebook likes to match the interest of online users. To apply this trick, you have to connect your Facebook account with omegle.

From Facebook account, First like some pages related to popular actress, flowers etc. so that girls interest matches with you. Now Connect omegle video chat with your Facebook account.

Now omegle compare your Facebook likes with random strangers and display strangers in front of you whose interest match with your interest. Probably, that stranger will be Female.

So, these were two methods may be helpful to find girls on omegle. Try this trick and let us know via comment, you have found omegle girls or not.   
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